ShofarDomain™ Introduction
Day: Wednesday October 3, 2012
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Internet domain names and security certificates are a multi-billion dollar business that requires consumers to annually pay rent for names and certificates.   Domain holder's authority can be usurped by corporate or government agents. Monitoring of user DNS traffic is prolific by corporations and governments.  Top Level Domain (TLD) operators, such as ".com" continue their lucrative franchise by policy, and not by the needs of technology.

ShofarNexus™ ● ShofarNexus.comShofarNexus.Shofar

What is Internet surveillance and how to avoid it

Monday January 28, 2012

ShofarDomain™ Introduction

Wednesday October 3, 2012

How ShofarLeaks protects the source

Wednesday November 14, 2012

ShofarLeaks status and related projects

Wednesday January 1, 2013

ShofarDomain™ Immutable Sites

Saturday January 25, 2013

Taking ShofarDomain Live

Thursday February 27, 2013

Protecting the who, what, where and when of your communications

Saturday June 8, 2013

Cryptograms in ShofarPortfolio’s Matryoshka Communications

Sunday June 23, 2013

There is nothing you can do about it!

Sunday January 24, 2015

Hide your Metadata

Saturday January 30, 2015

Sometimes a first try at a given model doesn’t work. You either give up or try again. It is time to try again, but remember our past.

The concepts in the videos remain the goal with refinements in the technology.