ShofarNexus Stores provide numerous models to choose from.  The simplest is a single Store site ([store]) where all Product information and shopping Cart history exist.

Private Customer Sites

Some or all customers can use a private site ([Customer].[Store]) that can use an online or offline model.  A customer can have their data offline to allow review or placing orders even while disconnected from the Internet.

In this model a template site (Template.[Store]) would probably be used for all generic store information and product information.  The primary online site would be based on the template and only add the aspects need to welcome new customers.

The customer’s site is also based on the template so they have the product information on or offline.

Matryoshka Model

By using the Matryoshka model of communications, customer interaction is totally hidden.  Using anonymous currency and with a product that can be delivered electronically it becomes possible for the customer and store to not know who each other are including IP addresses.

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