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Pursuing a project that is to become public domain is difficult without a backer. This is an understatement. Being politically incorrect also works against you, but I’m trying anyway.

Privacy is a big deal, and bigger that most realize. Most of those who understand how to invade your privacy and use that information to influence or outright control you can find lucrative opportunities in the corporate, government, and criminal world. Those that desire to protect you, no matter who you are, don’t do as well. Again another understatement.

For reference, a good estimate is $20,000 to $80,000 to complete the project.

Funds need to be raised now, so this is a crowdfunding effort.

Please use the User checkout button to invest any amount desired.

There is also the point that I can’t do this alone. Please consider who you might know that would be interested in being a part. It could be for economics or principle.

You might also be interested in the demo site ( The email service is being updated and will now act as a honeypot to collect those who scan the Internet for open relays. The “we have a multimillion dollar check for you” scam is still being sent, and the demo site was attempted. No, it did not send out the email.

Please first review the “Consider”, “Privacy” and “Why” sections to introduce you to ShofarNexus.

A primary goal is to get ShofarNexus to the point where when you download the program, you have the source as described in “Public Domain”. This could probably be done in a month, but there are so many things ahead of it, that the end of 2018 is more reasonable.

A second goal is to establish relationships with up to 50 people how would be service providers and have direct access to the developer for support. As the developer, I do not want to provide the services as it takes too much time from development. With 30 to 50 service providers paying a $100 per month fee for direct access, development can continue unhindered.

If you desire one of the peaks described below, please email first to “” to indicate your desires.

Any Amount

For any amount provided before the services go live, you will receive 150% equivalent of the paid services. This is not combined with the other offers.

$100 – One month Server management

The plan is to provide management service for the servers operated by third parties. This will be $100 per month and a modest amount, perhaps $3 or less, per server.

Funds received before servers can go live will receive 150% equivalent.

$200 Commission and review of a “Why” video

The “Why” videos are time consuming and are better when reviewed beforehand. Consider this if you are interested in being a part, would like to review, or simply desire a specific video to be completed.

Send an email first to confirm this.

$400 One day mentor

Mentor” describes the mentoring desire. This offer is for a full day, up to 12 hours, via Skype with screen sharing. This is for the serious geek.

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Patch or Solve Censorship and Privacy

Fri, Sep 7, 2018

The Illusion of Blockchain

Mon, Aug 13, 2018

There is a growing awareness and distrust of fiat currencies. Some are promoting the “ultimate” solution with the blockchain, so we can “beat the system”.

Pardon the bad news, but this is bogus.

Freedom is not Free! You must decide not to be tracked

Fri, Aug 3, 2018

You are being monitored, tracked and controlled via the Internet, whether you use it directly or not.