Taking ShofarDomain Live
Day: Wednesday February 27, 2013





ShofarDomain is a project to take on the ICANN monopoly on domain names and turn the multi-billion dollar per year effective tax into a multi-million dollar venture. The billions saved stay in the pockets of domain holders who move from renters to owners.

Most of the technology is in place and we are in the final stretch. We need funds to do the trivial, like eating, for a little bit longer.

Unlike efforts over the past 20 years by others who have tried and failed, we are bringing a new model to the table. As Buckminster Fuller said “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” Our new model means those that use the old model are not impacted. However, the new model opens the door to a decentralized domain name system that could thwart the attempts at central Internet regulation.

While Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others with big piles of cash can buy new TLDs from ICANN for $185,000 plus $25,000 per year, most of our neighbors can’t. We are bringing a one-time $3,000 fee that could turn that neighborhood high school kid into a successful entrepreneur.

Please peruse the ShofarDomain site to find out more. Please help us out in a small way with a few bucks. Please consider owning a TLD and perhaps we will both benefit from our little effort to change the world!

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Sometimes a first try at a given model doesn’t work. You either give up or try again. It is time to try again, but remember our past.

The concepts in the videos remain the goal with refinements in the technology.