Distributed Performance™

ShofarNexus has a long history of development, refinement, adjustment, design changes, and updates.  We are now offering what you might consider pre-beta versions.  We are well beyond the alpha stage and have a clear path ahead.  It will just take a bit more time.

ShofarNexus provides a myriad of services and is focused on a secure anonymous web.  The Matryoshka Communications Model that is part of ShofarNexus provides an extreme degree of communications privacy.

ShofarNexus is free to download and run on any computer.  There are no fees paid to ShofarNexus.

While the software is free, the providers of services will typically charge a fee.  This is solely at their discretion.

Numerous items from the related ShofarDomain and ShofarPortfolio are being combined into this site.  You may find it a bit disjoint for a while.

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