Distributed Performance™

ShofarNexus reinvents the web where performance, security, privacy, anonymity, resiliency, and simplicity are designed in from the beginning.  We view the online and offline world from a single perspective.

Our ShofarMarkup language uses a simple Table/Row/Cell structure that easily translates to various platforms and renders with remarkable speed.  When fast communications with your users is valued before entertaining or delaying them, ShofarMarkup™ delivers.

All communications and data storage is done using our simple and highly readable ShofarFile.  A ShofarFile uses Plain Old XML (POX) and is rendered without the fluff found in typical XML packages.  The parser and rendering library is a market leader when it comes to speed.

ShofarNexus includes extensive diagnostics, logging, and networking tool.

ShofarNexus is engineered with a philosophy well describe by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

When you turn the page in a book you don’t wait for the print to show up. As computers have become faster, why are we waiting for web pages or desktop applications to show us what we want to see?

ShofarNexus brings the performance of the printed page to the computer.

For websites ShofarNexus design goal is a typical one millisecond response time for page delivery. For most applications, ShofarNexus delivers on that goal making it possible to handle the traffic of some of the world’s busiest sites on one multi-core server.

For the desktop, ShofarNexus starts up about as fast as NotePad, delivering a more satisfying user experience.

ShofarNexus is freeware and is available to end users, content providers and developers. The release is incremental as each section of the application solidifies. For more information contact

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