ShofarNexus is available for download. It is public domain and can be used and distributed freely. When a typical website is delivered with ShofarNexus, the version appears at the bottom of the menu on the left. Click it and you can download it from there. There is no central repository required.

What exists today needs a lot of documentation and there are issues being addressed. However, it can be the foundational tool for both independence and cooperation. Interested parties can contact

ShofarNexus is focused on being able to communicate clearly, privately, and uncensored..

It works with existing standards and service providers, but also work irrespective of them..

Those that control the domain names, the IP address space, the backbone, and the servers are the authority over what you can see, what you can share, and who is listening. ShofarNexus works with them and works around them all.

Working with and bypassing IANA’s domain control

ShofarNexus is compatible with the IANA defined Top Level Domains, alternative roots, and private roots, including yours. With public roots you are accessible to the world, but can be censored. With private roots you may be accessible to the world, but always accessible to those sharing the technology, and may limit accessibility to those you choose.

Controlling the IP space and the backbone

IP addresses, especially with IPv6, allows any device to communicate with any other around the world, but only if those who control this space allow you to do so.

ShofarNexus uses this IP space but also allows alternative options where your computer does the routing and can move off the Internet to a private arena. It allows for the operation of private local community networks that can work with or completely independent of the Internet.

Simple and accessible data

All data is kept in and communicated with a simple human readable XML that is well formatted and uses no complex features to limit access to special tools. Storage sizes and communications speed no longer require highly compressed data, therefore the focus is on usable and consistent data.

Single program design

ShofarNexus operates as a normal program submissive to an operating system, but is designed to be the sole program on a computer. It is the operating system and the application. For some environments this can offer a hyper-secure environment as flaws in other applications or the OS itself have no impact since they don’t exist.

Hyper-Secure invisible connections

In development for the single program environment is where a device will not acknowledge requests from the Internet or local devices except those from a specific other device. As far as other devices know your devices does not exist, but remains in full communications with paired devices.

Firewalls limit access but to not prevent the detection of presence. The invisible connection will not respond to any TCP or UDP request with the limited exception of direct communications with a router. If security is important, there is little that can be done beyond this.

Mom and Pop Shop

A fundamental goal of ShofarNexus is to put the technology into the hands of the small player, the proverbial mom-and-pop-shop. First we lower the barrier to entry. ShofarNexus is free. However, some will want direct communications and support from the developer. How should this be done? Suggestions and dialog is welcome at:

Driver Project

ShofarNexus has been used as underlying technology for small gas stations. We are currently entertaining other projects that can use the ShofarNexus technology that will also allow continued development of the software and being able to deliver it free. Interested parties can contact:

ShofarNexus™ ●

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