Protecting the who, what, where and when of your communications
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With communications, encryption is a vital part of keeping our messages secure.  The technology has evolved to the point that encryption can be used for the most trivial communications.  We must remember that encryption protects only part of our communications, the content or the what.  However, encryption does nothing to protect the who, the when, and the where.

Knowing who communicated with whom, when they communicated, and from where often provides more information than what is communicated.  Just as a thief can assess that your home is unoccupied by noticing the absence of a car and no lights on, your activity on the Internet does the same thing.  Knowing that you visit websites offering a particular kind of product, of a particular religious persuasion or political view, or of questionable moral offerings, can be as informative as knowing what you view.

ShofarPortfolio’s Matryoshka Communications protects your privacy by using multiple layers of encryption, continuous traffic flow via SyncPackets, and untraceable routing with cryptograms that totally hide your communications to the point that there is no evidence that any communications ever takes place.

A standard email, even when encrypted, provides much information to the interceptor.  The time it is sent, the size of the message, and in many cases the from and to addresses remain visible.

The Matryoshka model uses SyncPackets, a constant stream of fixed size encrypted packets that are exchanged between your computer and a server.  Monitoring the line now results in no information about when or what is being sent.  Servers use the same SyncPacket technology between each other with the same result.

With Matryoshka your email is first broken up by your computer into fixed length cryptograms.  Each cryptogram is encrypted for the receiver only.  An address for a Matryoshka node is put on the cryptogram and it is again encrypted for only that node.  This process is repeated several times.  Cryptograms are then sent on a contorted journey.  A given Matryoshka node only knows where the cryptogram previously came from and where it is going next.

A given Matryoshka node cannot determine anything about where the message originated the final destination, or the size of the message.  Even if one or more Matryoshka nodes are operated by an organization who wants to know about you they gain nothing.

This is a very simplified overview of the Matryoshka Communications model as defined by ShofarPortfolio.  For details please visit

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