Consider an Untraceable Cellphone

Cellphones are the most significant tracking device and they can be a serious health hazard.

The reason given that your phone remains in constant contact with nearby cell towers is so the system knows which tower to use to send your phone the command to ring. This was reasonable in the 1990s but unnecessary today.

Having the phone on your body for most of the day transmitting radio frequency energy to the cell tower and into your body is a serious health concern.

There is no need for the phone to constantly send your id, your location and keep you in what is like in a low power microwave oven.

Consider the technique used in World War II when a regular periodic set of odd messages were sent over the radio, most notably “John has a long mustache” that was made famous in the movie “The Longest Day”. Most of the messages are just random, but a specific message will be heard by someone who will take a predefined action.

Cellphone towers can do the same, sending a periodic set of mostly random numbers. But when a given phone needs to ring, an identifier only it knows will be sent and only then will it transmit.

Going one step further it is then possible to use numbers that even the phone system doesn’t know which phone is which number and they change each call.

When Alice calls Bob the first time, it is not Bob’s phone but 1234. The next call to Bob might be 5678. There is no relationship between the calls. Bob is not traced.

This can be done, even when the cellphone providers won’t. Should we do it?

Another important note. My name is John and I have a long mustache.

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