Consider a Comment Service

Comment sections are popular on many sites. Many comments are helpful when they offer encouragement, correction, questions, or links to other sources. Others are seemly feel good for the author, spam, or a waste of time.

The page owner may find an offensive comment and remove it and perhaps ban the commentator, which is the right of the page owner.

Consider how comment engines could mature.

Except for major players comment engines are often third party services that are embedded into the page. Rather than embed the comments, which gives the comment provider data about the page and the viewer, use links to the external providers or embed the external data into the page.

Users could make the choice of which comment engine or user on that engine they would like to highlight or reject.

Or consider a comment service that works with any page on any site. This would remove the publisher’s ability to censure comments of his work. An ecosystem could be built where brief comments to serious discussions can be generated for the entire web.

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