Consider being Mentored

While ShofarNexus is being put in the public domain, for a few there could be an advantage to work with the original developer.

The developer has been doing this for over 40 years.

Especially if you are young, as in a lot less than 40 years, this might be for you.

This is not a paid position, but you will be assisted to build your own business.

If you can be bought, you are not the one.

If you are after fame and fortune, you are not the one.

If this idea does not scare you, you are not the one.

If you understand that you are being offered hell on earth and know why you want it anyway, perhaps we should talk.

ShofarNexus™ ●
Consider ShofarNexus

Consider an Untraceable Cellphone

Consider Phone Services

Consider Social Media

Consider Self-Issued Credit

Consider Email

Consider Media Services

Consider a Comment Service

Consider a Book

Consider Censorship

Consider Filtering

Consider Hyper-Security

Consider Distributed Communications and Computers

Consider Matryoshka

Consider Private Routing

Consider Invisible Networking

Consider Rootless Domains

Consider a Single Program and Operating System

Consider Public Domain

Consider the Demo Website

Consider being Mentored