Is ShofarNexus™ Open Source?

Not at this time, although mechanics exist to allow for extensions to the applications.

ShofarNexus™ was developed in a closed environment which allowed refinements to be made that impacted the whole design and all legacy work that was done to that point.  We did not deal with the logistics of informing or managing a distributed group of developers with differing goals.

A design goal from the beginning was simplicity.  This meant that when a refinement was made to simplify either a small area or the whole it was done, even when that impacted everything that had been done to that point.  Communicating these transitions in an open source world can be logistically difficult and could disenfranchise developers.

For example, the concepts behind verbs went through many designs before it was solidified.  The verb library has had vast changes while we work toward a consistent and simple vocabulary.

The source may be released at a future date but is currently only distributed to a group of people for security reasons.

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