First Try

Sometimes a first try at a given model doesn’t work. You either give up or try again. It is time to try again, but remember our past.

The concepts in the videos remain the goal with refinements in the technology.


ShofarDomain is the driving force behind rootless domain technology.  Much effort has been made over the years to dethrone ICANN is the primary provider for domain names on the Internet.  The weakness of the single provider is the control they hold and many, including the UN, are taking that control.


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ShofarLeaks is a service where data can be published anonymously and then locked.  The domain records include hash values so that the site can be validated as unchanged.  This allows for multiple parties to make copies of the site and serve them.

Built into the design was assessment sites, the concept of being able to provide collaborating or conflicting information related to a site.

The mirror sites and the related sites become part of the domain records and therefore immutable.

Contacts where made with parties outside of the US that were interested in its use. However, the project is currently on hold.

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