ShofarNexus User

First users are being setup and should be operational by October. Sign up is available now and highly recommend.

Accounts with ShofarNexus are prepaid. In order to encourage early sign up, all payments received, up to the first $20,000, will receive twice the amount in services.

If you are interested in simply investing as part of our crowdfunding effort, please sign up as a user and deposited the funds you desire to help us make our $20,000 goal.

Simply click the “Checkout” button, enter an email and payment via credit card.

Please also consider the “ShofarNexus Tools: DNS” video to see the depth of the level of technology being offered.

Don’t forget to share with your friends, and consider being a provider.


The 2018 version of ShofarNexus is based on what was offered in 2012 with a lot a maturing. A fundamental change is the vast improvement in low level design and diagnostic tools. Release is being based on the diagnostic tools maturing to the point of usable for the advanced user.

The first services coming online should be:

Domain services and DNS


SMS Text Messages

Video streaming and download

The second wave should include:

Matryoshka Protocol


Invisible Routing

Private Routing

A third wave is a bit more complex:

Untraceable cellphone

ShofarBook Project