The Domain Name System ● What it is to “Resolve”

In the telephone world we must know phone numbers. In the Internet world we use domain names which are much easier for humans to remember.

The concepts and issues with domain names themselves is reviewed elsewhere.,Domain


Here we will review what our computers do to resolve domain names, how this process is used maliciously, and what are some alternatives.

We will first review some foundational concepts:

● Domain Names and IP Addresses

● Iterative Lookup

● Recursive Lookup

This is intended to be technically accurate but not technically detailed.

Traditionally the example is Alice wants to send a message to Bob, or Alice’s computer wants to sends a message to Bob’s computer.

ShofarNexus™ ●

Why DNS?

The impact of how DNS resolution is done and what power it gives to those who know how to use it should concern anyone who uses the Internet.